Why Vegan. There are many reasons why some people decide to go Vegan. Many people believe that going Vegan is unhealthy as they think that you don't get all the nutrients the body needs.

Many others have the opposite view. Here is one persons story on the reasons why they decided to go Vegan and how it has changed their life.
Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves Moringa is slowly growing in popularity in St.Lucia and it is now marketed in large supermarkets.

The Moringa leaf is known as 'The Miracle Tree' for the many medicinal uses over the past few thousand years.
What is Obesity. Obesity is a rising global epidemic and is a major contributer to many of the world's deadliest illnesses. But what exactly is obesity and who is obese.

This video attempts to answer those questions and tells you how to check your weight levels using your Body Mass Index (BMI), an easy to use weight equation.
Eden Herbs St.Lucia
    Obesity, Hypertension, Cancer, Diabetes are all major illnesses for people of the Caribbean and St.Lucia. The aim of the St.Lucia Health website is to provide easy to use information, in the form of brochures and videos, about these diseases and others that are affecting the health of the population of St.Lucia.

  • "Just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy".
  • If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?.

  • These are 2 quotes which underlie the aims of St.Lucia Health. Our bodies are our temples and we have a duty to look after it. No one else should take on this burden, we should be solely responsible for our health and well being in St.Lucia.

    A healthy, nutrional diet and good exercise are the basis for good health. Unfortunately we are consuming more and more junk foods and taking less exercise and the unfortunate result is that we are becoming less healthy as a nation.

    Children are brought up on a diet of fast foods and sugar concentrated sodas. Many of our illnesses are a direct result of this poor diet and we need to educate ourselves on the importance of nutrition and proper exercise.
  • Consuming Raw Aloe Vera Juice. The healthy benefits of consuming Aloe Vera juice. This plant is widely available in St.Lucia and should be widely cultivated for it's health properties.
  • Mango leaves for Diabetes. Mango leaves contains Vitamins, Enzymes, Minerals and Anti-Oxidants and has been shown to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Understanding Type 2 Diabetes. This is an animation to better understand Type 2 Diabetes and the underlying causes. A disease which affects millions of people around the world, with a high rate in St.Lucia.
  • Don't ignore these 5 signs of Colon Cancer. Colon cancer is a deadly disease that affects millions around the world. Here are 5 warning signs to watch out for.
  • Health benefits of Advocados. Here are a few reasons why we in St.Lucia should eat more advocados. They can be used in many salad dishes or as part of your normal daily nutrition.
  • 13 Health benefits of consuming coconut. Did you know about the many health benefits of consuming coconuts. Time we started getting away from junk foods.
  • 10 Health benefits of Mango. Did you know that the mango is known as the 'King' of fruits. Here are the top 10 health benefits of Mangoes.
St.Lucia Health provides articles, brochures and video concerning health and wellness in St.Lucia. We aim to encourage people to better educate themselves about disease and illnesses currently in St.Lucia.

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